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Still Images Created by the Sullivan Lab

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Chromosome Damage Assay
Cell Cycle
Acentric Chromosomes
Inappropriate Spindle Interactions
Maternal & Paternal Chromosome Sets
Compound Chromosome
Measuring Protein Turnover Rates
Microtubule &
Actin Dynamics
Microtubule &
Actin Dynamics
Isolated Contractile Rings
Rapid Divisions
in Drosophila
Fourteen Rounds
of Division
Ingression of a Contractile Furrow
Drosophila Pronuclei Following Fertilization
Filarial Nematode
B. malayi
Virgin Birth
Nuclei of Honey
Bee Oocyte
OOcyte of a Thrip
Initial Divisions
of B. malayi
Oocyte of the Dog Heartworm
Four cell stage
of B. malayi
First Zygotic Divisions of B. malay
Dieing Wolbachiain a B. mayali oocyte
Wolbachia at the Posterior Pole
Wolbachia Invading Hypodermal Chords
Drosophila first division
Wolbachia Migration
Wolbachia Screen
of B. malayi
Wallpaper from
the Haight
Wolbachi in oocyte
Drosopila first division Wolbachia at MToC Wolbachia in Brugia Drosopila first division
First CI division 
Wolbachia at MToC

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